Lakeview Hospital

Lakeview Hospital looks after the needs of adults and children with learning disabilities and provides both inpatient assessment and treatment services, as well as outpatient clinics for the Western Trust area.


The hospital was opened to replace Stradreagh Hospital, which had been a place of safety, stimulation and was ‘home’ to hundreds of individuals throughout the years.


Government Policy over the years has sought to promote the inclusion of people with a learning disability in the normal life of the community.  In line with this policy, Stradreagh Hospital faced a period of major transition and change. This included the resettlement of the majority of long stay patients to more appropriate homes in the community.


The old hospital was faced with decreasing numbers and a need to develop a new service model of specialist assessment and treatment, working closely with patients and carers, and to meet this need, Lakeview Hospital was opened in late 2005.


The 43-bed state-of-the-art building provides a specialist assessment and treatment service of the highest quality for people with a learning disability.  The environment allows more privacy and dignity for patients and enhances the quality of their care. The hospital which offers care to people with a learning disability, was the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. Lakeview Hospital provides specialist assessment and treatment accommodation to frail and physically ill, acute psychiatric conditions, aggressive disruptive behaviour and includes a five-bedded children's unit.


When staying at the hospital, each person is assessed by a specialist multi-professional team.  Individuals and their families are actively involved in the delivery of their own person-centred treatment plan. The ethos is to support individuals admitted, to return to their homes in the community with the support each individual requires in place by the community teams.


Lakeview Hospital has a sensory garden which is an integral part of the facility and experience offered to services users.  With increased emphasis being placed on the relaxation and therapeutic value of contact with the natural world, the safe, secluded location of the sensory garden is a welcome addition to the Hospital facility. The sensory garden was created by Conservation Volunteers and funded by the Friends of Stradreagh group.


Visiting Hours

In all of our Hospitals we have specific visiting times to ensure our patients have adequate rest and recuperation, receive timely care and treatment and help maintain hospital hygiene.


Daily visiting is 3pm-4pm and 7pm-8.30pm. The maximum number of visitors is restricted to two per patient at any one time. For details of exception arrangements (e.g. relatives involved in direct care of patients) please see our Visiting Policy

Contact Details:

Lakeview Hospital

12a Gransha Park

Clooney Road


BT47 6WJ

T: (028) 7186 0261


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