Human Milk Bank

The Western Trust Milk Bank opened in August 2000. Since then it has helped hundreds of neonatal babies all over Ireland.

In 2015 The Western Trust milk bank issues approximately 1,500 litres of milk  to units around Ireland helping approximately 856 babies including 90 sets of twins and 17 sets of triplets.  The bank also helps babies with major gut or heart problems by providing milk to their home.  Through the generosity of its donors, the milk bank provides very special help for the nation’s most vulnerable babies.

27 mothers contacted the bank in 2015, who had lost their babies and donated their milk in memory of their little one.


We are currently updating our page and further information will be avaible in due course.  In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a donor, please contact us as follows:

The Human Milk Bank
Block G Level 1
South West Acute Hospital
BT74 6DN

T: 028 686 28333