Eating Disorder Service

An eating disorder may best be described as an abnormal pattern of eating behaviour, accompanied with disturbance in the way body shape and weight are perceived, which can negatively influence a person’s way of life.

It is important to get help early, in order to prevent eating problems becoming more severe or chronic. The longer you avoid getting help, the worse your problems may become and as a result have an increasingly negative impact on your life.

If you feel that you need help with an Eating Disorder make an appointment with your GP. Your GP will make an assessment and if appropriate, refer you to the Eating Disorder Service.

Please see some helpful information below:

Useful Contacts:

Omagh Eating Disorder Support Group. T: 028 8225 2202
Enniskillen Eating Disorder Support Group. T: 028 6632 6604
Derry Well Woman Centre. T: 028 7136 0777
BEAT - Beating Eating Disorders. T: 0845 634 7650

Eating Disorder Therapist
Old Bridge House
T: 028 7132 0102 
  Eating Disorder Therapist
Belmore House
Darling Street
Co Fermanagh
T: 028 6632 6604
  Eating Disorder Therapist
Lissan House
Dublin Road
Co Tyrone
T: 028 8225 2202