Smoke Free

The Western Trust is a smokefree organisation. This means that smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Trust, including all buildings, doorways / entrances, grounds, cars and car parks.

Why smokefree?

The purpose of the smokefree policy is to protect and improve the health and well being of all employees, visitors, contractors but most importantly - patients. Completely smokefree hospitals and grounds create a clean, pleasant environment for people trying to stop smoking and reduces triggers that cause many smokers to relapse. Smoking increases a patient’s risk of complications and often delays their recovery. If smoking occurs at entrances and windows, the smoke will drift in through the doors and windows and pose a further hazard to the health and well being of inpatients.

Stop Smoking support for patients

If you have a planned intervention in hospital, stopping smoking weeks or even months before your procedure will really help your recovery. Time in hospital is a great time to stop smoking and research tells us that hospitalised patients are more successful at stopping than any other smokers. Our staff are here to help and support you throughout both your hospital stay and when you go home. On admission, all patients, who smoke, will be prescribed Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and with their consent will be referred to our Smokefree Team. They will provide advice, support and treatment following discharge from hospital.

Family and friends who wish to stop smoking will be welcome to attend the Community Stop Smoking Clinics, where an assessment of individual smoking behaviour is carried out and appropriate treatment is prescribed by the Specialist Stop Smoking Nurses.

What will happen if I don’t comply?

Patients will be given every support to comply with the smokefree policy and prescribed NRT products to ease withdrawal symptoms during their stay in hospital. Anyone smoking on site will be asked to stop smoking and extinguish their cigarette. All staff are expected to remind patients and their visitors of the smokefree policy.

Smoking can seriously damage your health – breathing tobacco smoke can kill. As a health care organisation, we actively discourage smoking.

If you would like to stop smoking contact the our Stop Smoking Service on 0800 917 9388. There are weekly stop smoking clinics in your area.