Project Update

Work is progressing at a good pace, assisted by the mild weather in October 2015. The concrete frame is virtually complete in most of the eight blocks. The structural steelwork on the roof top plant rooms is clearly visible across most of the blocks.

External car park construction is on-going adjacent to Donaghanie road. Flood alleviation works are substantially complete. Landscape works started in November 2015.

People who walk for exercise will be interested in the paths adjacent to the Camowen River. These will be accessible when the facility opens.

The contractor, McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd, is exceeding a number of the social clause targets in respect of job and training opportunities for students, long term unemployed and looked after children.

DRD Road service has formally adopted the new link road and the widened stretch of Donaghanie road.

Travel Plan Surveys

Planning approval for the project was granted subject to a number of planning conditions, one of which is a completed travel plan covering issues such as minimising environmental impacts. The project team have engaged with the Dept. of Regional Development regarding completion of a Travel Plan for the facility.

During the winter period, staff will be asked to complete online surveys.

The survey will give staff the opportunity to provide information on their commute to work and how this might change when the new facility opens.

Volunteers will be located at some public healthcare facilities and will assist patients/visitors in completing their tailored survey so we can build up a picture of patient/visitor travel patterns.
The final survey results will help inform plans for issues such as the timing and frequency of buses and whether to reserve parking spaces for staff who participate in car sharing for their commute to work.

Car Parking Consultation

In Spring 2016, Joanne Quinn, Western Trust FM Business Manager is assisting the Project by preparing and undertaking the consultation on car park arrangements for the new facility. Various community groups as well as staff will be contacted in the New Year to help inform this issue.

Visits to the Mock-Up

The Western Trust has completed a mock-up facility of two of the most common rooms to be built in the new Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex.

These are a consult exam room (approx. 80 of these) and a single in-patient bedroom with en-suite shower/toilet (40 of these). These mock-up rooms are designed to replicate the fixtures, fittings, layout and working environment for the new Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex.

The comments received to date from staff and users will allow the project team to feedback many useful points to the design team, and ultimately, the contractor.

This will ensure that the final construction reflects the best possible outcome with regard to the patient environment and issues such as infection control, health and safety and cleaning regimes. Other technical issues include lighting and the range, location and functionality of control switches.

Currently 100 staff and Relocation Leads have helped evaluate the Mock-Up Facility.