Western Trust move to take on the lease at Drumclay Nursing Home in Enniskillen


Western Trust move to take on the lease at Drumclay Nursing Home in EnniskillenFollowing one of the most comprehensive engagement programmes ever undertaken by the Western Trust through Pathfinder, a number of themes have been very clearly highlighted by the public as crucial for ensuring best delivery of Health and Social Care Services in Fermanagh and West Tyrone.

Through considerable feedback in this engagement phase, some key areas have been strongly recommended as requiring immediate attention and the need for dementia care home provision in Fermanagh, in particular, has been highlighted.

The Western Trust has therefore announced that it has taken on a twelve month lease of Drumclay Nursing Home, as a first incremental step in a longer term ambition to develop with key stakeholders a sustainable model of care home provision for the Fermanagh and West Tyrone area.

Kieran Downey, Deputy Chief Executive of the Western Trust, has been leading on the Pathfinder project for Fermanagh and West Tyrone and has travelled throughout the region as part of that comprehensive engagement journey.

“We have just completed a most extensive phase of engagement right across the communities of Fermanagh and West Tyrone and witnessed very open and honest conversations with over 2,000 people. This included a wide range of stakeholders in Health and Social Care in the region and was both a truly inspiring and humbling experience.”

“We have now listened intently over a three month period to everyone and it is important that we now turn what we have heard into action. As a starting point, dementia care and in particular the lack of dementia care beds in Fermanagh at present has been very prominent in all our discussions with the public. The Western Trust has listened to this and, through Pathfinder, has now taken on the lease of Drumclay Nursing Home. This is a proactive first step to begin to grow an incremental dementia strategy for Fermanagh and West Tyrone.”

“We know we need to increase the provision of local nursing home beds for people living with dementia and have now commenced a recruitment plan with a view to opening beds in Drumclay later this Spring."

Dr Bob Brown, Western Trust's Director of Nursing, Primary Care and Older People’s Services, is leading a Care Home Contingency and Future Services Development Group, which will work with local stakeholders to develop a future plan for the provision of dementia and residential nursing care for Fermanagh and West Tyrone.

“I am very pleased that the first step in this process has been to take on the lease for Drumclay Nursing Home in Enniskillen. Our intention is to put in place a workforce plan to develop a service model there for older people as soon as is possible and whenever this service is underway, we will be working with partners to undertake a longer term piece of work to develop a strategic plan for all care home provision in Fermanagh and West Tyrone.”

“This has been a really important area highlighted through the Pathfinder engagement and we know there are gaps in the services we can currently provide, particularly in relation to dementia care in the community. As such our strategic planning in this sphere will see us continue to involve local people, the community and voluntary sector and current providers of care in the community as it will be very important that we continue to listen to all stakeholders and develop this strategy together.”

“As a key theme manifesting consistently through out the Pathfinder engagement, we are now stepping forward as a Trust to build upon the messages that we have heard and taking over the lease at Drumclay Nursing home is the starting point in that longer term strategy.”