School Nursing Team promote nursing as a career to primary school pupils


School Nursing Team promote nursing as a career to primary school pupilsThe Western Trust School Nursing Team held a very successful first Interactive Fun Health Check Event for year 3 and 4 pupils at Omagh Integrated Primary School this week as part of Nursing Now Northern Ireland.

Irene McSorley, Western Trust School Nurse Team Lead said: “Nursing Now Northern Ireland was launched in January 2019 with the aim of raising the profile and status of nurses and to promote nursing as a career for boys and girls. In keeping with the Nursing Now Campaign the Western Trust’s School Nursing Team were delighted to hold an interactive fun health check event for year 3 and 4 pupils aged 7 to 8 years hosted by the Omagh Integrated Primary School,  on  Tuesday 14 May 2019.   Pupils were able to dress up as nurses and ask questions about the role of a nurse and why it is such a worthwhile career.

The School Nursing team covered height and weight screening, CPR/Anaphylaxis demonstrations, oral hygiene and healthy eating, infection control to include handwashing technique, a teddy bear hospital where the children got a chance to carry out a health check on their teddies and treat accordingly, outside physical exercise which incorporated safety in the sun and finished off with some fresh fruit and water.  The School Nursing Team also provided the children with a gift bag each full of health promoting materials.

Irene added: “The campaign was a huge success and highly commended by Mr Bradley, Omagh Integrated PS principal and all the teaching staff.  The children themselves thoroughly enjoyed the event exclaiming it was the ‘best day ever in school’ which made all the effort and hard work of the staff extremely worthwhile.  We hope going forward to work alongside the  Western Trust’s pathfinder initiative to further promote health topics and nursing within schools and provide an opportunity to repeat this very beneficial campaign across the Western Trust area.”