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Involvement and Co-Production Awareness Training
The Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) Team is offering classroom based awareness training on an Introduction to Personal and Public Involvement and Co-Production from January to March 2020. This training is targeted at all Trust staff. The aim of the course is to give those in attendance the knowledge and skills to use PPI and Co-Production models at all levels of service improvement. Involvement is a statutory obligation for all staff carrying out any change to an existing service or planning to develop a new service. Click here to read more.

Personal and Public Involvement Bursary Scheme
To support Involvement work, the Public Health Agency (PHA) has engaged with service user and carer representatives to set up a bursary scheme to support service users and carers involved in strategic programmes of work with Health and Social Care (HSC).  The scheme aims to help develop their knowledge and skills for participation in Involvement work.
To find out more about the 2019/20 scheme which is currently for applications, click here.

Personal and Public Involvement Survey                                                         Please find survey link for completion by members of staff who have engaged with service users/carers since April 2019 to improve services. This work may have been a short, time limited piece with clearly defined outcomes, or it may be an ongoing initiative. If you facilitate any form of service user/carer group, please complete the survey at the link below. If you have been involved in more than 1 PPI/Co-Production project or facilitate more than one service user/carer group, a separate survey can be completed for each of these. 

Please ensure distribution of the survey to any staff that actively involve service users in the design/improvement of services to complete by Thursday 30 January 2020.   

Click here to complete the survey. For further information or support with this process, please email or dial Extension 233835 External 028 8283 5278

Training Opportunity for Service Users, Carers and Staff                                    In January 2020 the Health and Social Care Leadership Centre will commence a PPI Leading in Partnership programme. The programme welcomes a mix of Health and Social Care staff, service users, carers and Community and Voluntary members who are involved in undertaking and promoting Partnership Working through involvement, co-production, community development, patient client experience.

Click here to view the the Leading in Partnership Flyer for January 2020 - April 2020.

INVOLVE FEST 2019: 18-23 November 2019
From the 18th – 23rd November this year, the Western Trust is supporting Involve Fest. This is an initiative to celebrate Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) in Northern Ireland both regionally and locally. Click headline for more.

Review Tribunal                                              ​                                         ​                     Click here to view the information sheet about information sessions being held by the Northern Ireland Judical Appointment Committee (NIJAC) hoping to raise awarenes of the Tribunal. NIJAC will shortly be advertising for experienced members to join.           If you have any other queries, please contact: 

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