Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex


Prior to 2014, the Western Trust undertook a series of enabling works schemes totalling £15m. This ensured that the infrastructure (roads, water, electricity, sewage etc) at the Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital were upgraded and ready to support the requirements of the new Hospital.

Approval of the contract award took place in May 2014 and in June 2014, the successful contractor, McLaughlin and Harvey, commenced initial work on site at the Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital. This included securing the site, surveys, set up and mobilisation with a progression to earth works and construction from July 2014.

During 2015 and 2016, the project team are involved in the preparation of specifications and tenders for £1.5m of built-in medical equipment and a further £5m of medical equipment, computer equipment and furnishings will also be purchased. Some equipment will be purchased early and deployed initially in Tyrone County Hospital before transferring across.

From early 2017 the Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex will open its doors and provide a range of important healthcare services to the community. This will cover a range of primary, secondary and community healthcare services, appropriate for local delivery, to the people of Omagh and surrounding district. 

In addition it will also provide advanced diagnostic services together with modern GP facilities.










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