Personal and Public Involvement (PPI)

The Western Trust is committed to ensuring that as it seeks to plan, develop and deliver services into the future, the decisions will reflect the expectations and requirements of our local population.


However, we cannot effectively deliver modern health and social care and contribute to reducing health inequalities without the involvement of the people who use our services, their carers, the community, voluntary organisations, other public sector organisations and all of our staff.


The Western Trust is open to listening to the views, opinions, issues and concerns of individuals, groups and communities.  The Trust will ensure that these views are listened to, respected and considered in the decisions of the organisation.


The Western Trust will ensure everyone who needs to and wishes to be involved is helped to do so, irrespective of culture, language, skills, knowledge and experience.                                    


The Trust has established a Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) Forum, jointly chaired by a Non-Executive Director and a service user representative.  Membership includes:

  • Trust Service Delivery Directorate representatives;
  • Trust’s Head of Equality & Involvement;
  • Service User representatives;
  • User Group representatives;
  • Community and Voluntary Sector representatives;
  • Patient and Client Council representative.


As a member of the public, you can be involved as much or as little as you want. Involvement can mean:

  • being informed of a service
  • being consulted about a major plan
  • being involved in negotiating a plan of care
  • being consulted about how to develop a service

Our performance in this important element of our business will be monitored so that we can be held accountable for the commitments we make in this work area.


Interested in becoming involved?

You may find it helpful to view the ‘Engage’ website, a central resource for involvement in Health and Social Care (HSC):. Click here.

This website provides staff, service users, carers and the public with a wide range of information, guides and links to support PPI in HSC, including a PPI e-learning awareness programme for service users, carers and the public as an introduction to involvement within HSC. Click here.

This e-learning programme has been developed with service users and carers to help people understand what PPI is, how you can get involved and the difference it will make to HSC.  The programme will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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