What is research?

Research is work which aims to produce new knowledge.  This knowledge should be available to all those who can benefit from it.  Good research addresses important issues aimed at improving care and standards in our society. 

Why carry out research in the Health Service?

Research and Development is carried out in the Health Service for a variety of reasons such as:

  • To test unproven treatments.
  • To measure how effective aspects of the health and social care services are.

Research Governance

In 2007, the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety introduced standards for research in health and social care in Northern Ireland with the aim of improving research quality and to safeguard the public. 

All research undertaken in the Trust must comply with the Research Governance Framework.

Research and Development Office in the Western Trust

The Research and Development Office provides information and advice to researchers on the research governance process in the Western Trust.  This includes gaining management approval and ethics approval for research projects.  For more information on how they can help contact the Research and Development Office

A Staff Guide to Research Governance in the Western Trust is available to all staff to help them understand their responsibilities when undertaking research. PENDING

A Defining Research leaflet has been produced by NRES to offer guidance to help you decide if a project is research.