Launch of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme


Launch of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

The Western Trust is announcing, this week, that a new Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme for patients is being rolled out across the Omagh and Fermanagh areas.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an important therapy, which does not involve using medication that can improve the quality of life and reduce healthcare costs of respiratory illnesses such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) through exercise tolerance and education.


In 2006 the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPSNI) published a paper called: “A Strategic Framework for Respiratory Conditions.” This recommended that Pulmonary Rehabilitation should be available to all patients who feel restricted in their normal activity as a result of their respiratory condition.


The roll out of this new programme is a direct consequence the DHSSPSNI recommendation and is multi-disciplinary and targeted at patients with chronic respiratory lung disease. A programme is currently running at the Tyrone County Hospital, with future plans to establish a programme of classes in Enniskillen and eventually further afield in the surrounding local communities. 


Long-term Conditions Coordinator, Pauline Casey said:  “I am delighted with the development and implementation of an accessible Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service for patients who would be able to benefit from this service in the Omagh and Fermanagh areas. The programme will be an outpatient programme of supervised therapy which would take place twice weekly for eight weeks. The staff will work collaboratively with the Respiratory Physiotherapist to provide a safe and effective programme encompassing exercise and education, providing advice and support to patients and their families and, educating and encouraging patients to manage their disease proactively, for example, the early recognition of their symptoms and initiation of treatment.”


Ms. Casey continued: “The programme is individualised according to patient need giving the patient back control over their own condition. In order to build on achievements during our Pulmonary Rehabilitation sessions, patients are asked to continue the exercise regime at home and there are opportunities for patients to engage with ongoing exercise programmes based in locally.”


If you would like more information please contact Brid Leonard, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Nurse 028 82833834.