Mobile MRI unit at Erne Hospital


Mobile MRI unit at Erne Hospital

Patients requiring a diagnostic scan have been availing of a mobile MRI service at the Western Trust’s Erne Hospital in Enniskillen since the start of this month (January).


Thanks to additional funding of £470,000 from the Health and Social Care Board, the Western Trust has been able to engage Alliance Medical Diagnostic Imaging Ltd for a three month period on the Erne Hospital site to provide the MRI diagnostic service to patients mainly from the Fermanagh, Omagh and Strabane areas.


This is the first time that MRI technology has been provided on the Erne site. Funding has been provided for the mobile facility until the end of the current financial year (31 March 2011) as part of initiatives to ensure that patient waiting times for an MRI diagnostic scan meet the DHSSPS nine week target by March 2010.


It is a major benefit for patients requiring an MRI scan that they have been able to access this facility at the Erne Hospital. Having this facility, albeit for a short period of time, increases the Western Trust’s MRI capacity. This helps the Trust to ensure that patients who require an MRI scan have one as soon as possible and within the guidelines as set by the Department of Health.


Some works were required to have the mobile MRI service operational on the Erne site and estates staff worked hard to ensure that the facility was ready for patients in the first week in January.


A range of imaging and diagnostic services are planned for the new hospital for the South West, due to open in 2012, including MRI technology.