HSCB Governance Review


Responding to the publication of the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) Performance Report on the Western Health and Social Care Trust, Gerard Guckian, Trust Chairman said: “The Trust is pleased that the Governance Review has found that the Trust is performing satisfactorily against the key requirements of good governance as set out by the Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety.”


“The review has shown that the Trust:

  • Has established organisational  structures to take forward governance;
  • Places the highest priority and takes seriously its commitment to governance and the identification and escalation of risk within the organisation;
  • Has a culture of openness and accountability;
  • Has developed comprehensive data collection and reporting arrangements; and,
  • Has a Non-Executive and Executive team which understands the business of the organisation and which is able to articulate and challenge issues as and when they arise.”

“The Trust accepts and endorses the recommendations which have been made.”


Reporting of X-rays

In July 2010, the Western Trust reported difficulties with the timely reporting of non-urgent plain film x-rays at Altnagelvin Hospital. 


Western Trust Chairman Gerard Guckian said: “The backlog developed due to capacity in terms of radiologists, increasing workload and equipment issues.


“The Trust developed a plan to clear the backlog. This included our staff working overtime and the use of the independent sector. As a result, the backlog was cleared by the end of October 2010.  Currently all non-urgent chest x-rays are reported within 14 days and all other plain films within 28 days.


“The Trust has established that four patients had a delay in receiving their diagnosis. All patients and their families have been advised and the Trust unreservedly apologises for the delay.


“An external review commissioned by the HSCB has confirmed that the Trust dealt adequately with the unreported x-rays. It also states that the Trust requires further investment to meet current demand.  We will work with the Health and Social Care Board to agree how the recommendations will be taken forward.”