‘Bee Safe’ Kids


‘Bee Safe’ Kids

An innovative scheme that promotes accident prevention and safety messages to Primary School children took place in the Roe Valley Leisure Centre on 23-26 November 2010. Over 500 Primary 7 children from 16 schools throughout the Limavady Borough Council area attended the Bee Safe initiative, which is co-ordinated by the Western Trust's Health Improvement Department and funded by Limavady Community Safety Partnership, the PSNI and Limavady District Policing Partnership.

Bee Safe is an imaginative way of teaching Primary 7 pupils how to prevent everyday accidents and dangerous situations and how to deal with them safely and effectively should they occur.  Children moved around seven accident themed scenarios in small groups during morning and afternoon sessions.  The initiative was delivered by agencies including the PSNI, Northern Ireland Electricity, Limavady Borough Council, NI Fire and Rescue Service and Divert.

The sessions are designed to promote a high level of interaction and involvement from pupils.  Participation in stimulated scenarios in a controlled environment helps children to think for themselves and develop practical experience of preventing and coping with potentially hazardous situations as opposed to simply being taught about managing risk in a classroom.

Sarah Davidson, Health Development Worker with the Western Trust Health Improvement Department and Co-ordinator of the scheme highlights:  “The key to the success of Bee Safe is the partnership approach in the delivery of community safety and accident prevention messages.  Many organisations gave their time and expertise to highlight safety messages, which could potentially save a child’s life.”


Commenting on the initiative, Bridget McCaughan, Community Safety Manager with Limavady Community Safety Partnership said:  “The Community Safety Partnership welcomes the delivery of Bee Safe in Limavady.  This is a valuable programme for local young people and one that we are delighted to have the opportunity to fund."

Inspector Jenny Hamilton, Neighbourhood Policing, PSNI Limavady, said: “The PSNI are pleased not only to assist with funding this project, but also to deliver these important messages to P7 pupils.  These scenarios will help them develop realistic strategies and skills to help them stay safe.”

Sheila McWilliams, Vice Chairperson of Limavady District Policing Partnership said: “The DPP encourages everyone to fully co-operate with the Police.  Through helping to sponsor the Bee safe initiative, the pupils engaged with the Police, built relationships and learned how to keep themselves safe while cycling, using the internet and if approached by strangers.”