Library Services

Library & information services are provided free of charge to Health and Social Care (HSC) and Public Safety (PS) staff throughout Northern Ireland by Queen's University Medical & HSC Library, in partnership with the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.

Services are provided from 6 main libraries in different parts of the province and through the honni website which is the primary gateway to electronic resources for local HSC professionals.

HSC Library Altnagelvin is the main library in the Western Health & Social Care Trust and provides services to HSC staff, Public Safety staff, HSC placement students and QUB staff and students. It is located at the MDEC Building, Altnagelvin Hospital.

What Services are Available?

  • Borrow books from any Medical and HSC Library 
  • Online catalogue for details of print and electronic resources 
  • Search an extensive collection of databases and electronic journals
  • Requesting Service for books, and articles not available in full-text 
  • Renew books and manage your library account online 
  • Get training and support

What Help is Available?

  • Tailored advice on literature searching and training in the use of electronic resources is available. 
  • Help and advice is available in all libraries. Staff are there to help users to make the best possible use of its resources. The Trust Librarian and Subject Librarians can offer help in specific disciplines or areas of research.
  • Library Guides are available covering various aspects of library services including how to find resources in a particular field.

How Do I Access Services?

  • Simply register as a member of the Medical & HSC Library - all that’s needed is proof of HSC employment. 
  • Library members receive a membership card, and a username and password to access electronic resources on honni. 
  • Members can borrow from any of the libraries, log on to honni to access electronic resources, and avail of support and training.

Other Libraries in the Trust

Other libraries in the Trust are listed below and are for use by locally based staff.

  • Grangewood, Gransha Park, Londonderry
  • South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen 
  • Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital, Omagh


Location & Opening Hours


HSC Library Altnagelvin
MDEC Building,
Altnagelvin Area Hospital,
Londonderry BT47 6SB

Tel: 028 7129 6168


 9.00am - 8.00pm
(Summer: 9am-5pm)


 9.00am - 5.00 pm
(Summer:  9am - 5pm)

 Saturday  9.30am - 1.00pm
(Summer: Closed)

Grangewood Library
Gransha Park
BT47 1TF

Tel: 028 7129 6168

 Tuesday & Thursday  1.00pm - 5.00pm
Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital Library
Cedar Villa
Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital
Co Tyrone BT79 0NS

Tel: 028 7129 6168


South West Acute Hospital Library
Level 1
South West Acute Hospital
Co Fermanagh BT74 6DN

Tel: 028 7129 6168




Employees of the Health and Social Care Services (HSC) and Public Safety (PS) authorities are entitled to become registered members of the Medical and HSC Library.

  • HSC & PS staff should complete the Registration Form and include proof of employment in the HSC.
  • All services are available to members unable to visit the library in person.
  • Registered members can also borrow from other Queen's University libraries.
  • Placement students in the Trust should contact HSC Library Altnagelvin to see if they are eligible for HSC Student Membership.
  • Associate Membership offers a limited service to those not otherwise eligible, on payment of an annual subscription.
  • Registered members can renew their registration using the Online Renewal Form.  


Library members can borrow from book and pamphlet collections. Journals and reference material are for consultation only.  To borrow from the Library, it is essential that you have your library card with you.  All items borrowed must be returned or renewed by the due date. This can be checked by using My Account or by asking library staff at the Issue Desks.

  • My Account allows you to view and manage your library transactions online. It can be used to check the due dates of loans, renew loans, view active document requests and charges.
  • Loans: HSC members can borrow 15 books for up to 4 weeks. HSC students can borrow 4 books for up to 4 weeks. Please note that heavily used items are restricted to 1 week.
  • Renewals: Books due for return can be renewed up to 5 times if not requested by another member, in which case they must then be returned to the Library. Material can be renewed by using My Account or by contacting HSC Library Altnagelvin.
  • Returns: Books should be returned by the due date to the Library from which they were borrowed. Members should remember that they are responsible for the safe return of books if returning items by post. See individual HSC Library Altnagelvin’s guide for the out of hours return facilities
  • Requests
    • Making Requests: Books that are on loan can be requested online or by contacting HSC Library Altnagelvin.
    • Requested items: All loans are subject to recall if requested by another library member. Members are notified if their loans have been recalled.
  • Fines: All overdue loans are subject to fines. Library members may not be able to borrow if they have any outstanding charges. The following rates apply:
    • 4 week loan 10p per item per day
    • 1 week loan 50p per item per day
    • Overdue recalled items 50p per item per day

    It is important to check My Account regularly to avoid unnecessary fines. 

Book & Article Requesting

HSC Library Altnagelvin can supply books and articles for work-related purposes both from within the Queen's University system and from the British Library via Inter-Library Loans (ILL). Material supplied from the Medical and HSC Library network is provided free of charge while the supply of material from the British Library incurs a charge, regardless of whether it is a book or journal article. 

Online Resources

Honni is the online gateway for HSC & PS staff, offering access to high quality information resources such as databases, e-book, e-journals, clinical guidelines and respected internet sites.

Further information is available at

Training and help with using honni is available from the Trust Library Service Team and the Subject Librarian Team based in the Medical and HSC Library at the Royal Victoria Hospital site.

Training & Support

Library members can take advantage of the free training and support provided the Trust Library Service Team and by the Subject Librarians based at the Medical and HSC Library at the Royal Victoria Hospital site. Training sessions either on an individual basis at the Library or on a group basis at a location convenient to members can be requested. Training can be tailored to meet member’s needs, such as:

  • An overview of honni and library services available to HSC staff
  • Searching the e-resources available through honni
  • Specific database searching skills
  • Developing literature searches

Other Facilities

Photocopying facilities are available at:

  •     HSC Library Altnagelvin
  •     South West Acute Hospital Library

Study space is available at:

  • HSC Library Altnagelvin (52 spaces)
  • Grangewood Library, Gransha Park (10 spaces)
  • Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital Library (4 spaces)
  • South West Acute Hospital Library, Enniskillen (24 spaces)


  • HSC Library Altnagelvin (15 PCs, internet access, printing, scanning, Wi-Fi)
  • Grangewood Library, Gransha Park (4 PCs, internet access, printing, scanning, Wi-Fi)
  • Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital Library (2 PCs, internet access, printing)
  • South West Acute Hospital Library, Enniskillen (10 PCs, internet access, printing, Wi-Fi)

Contact Us

HSC Library Altnagelvin
MDEC Building
Altnagelvin Area Hospital
BT47 6SB

Tel: 028 7129 6168