Caring Counts on Census Day


The Northern Ireland Census takes place on 27 March 2011 and the Western Trust with Carers Northern Ireland and the Carers Workers Network are calling on people to count their caring.

People who look after relatives, friends, neighbours or partners who are sick or disabled often don’t describe themselves as carers, but regard caring as part of normal life. It is important that people who provide this valuable unpaid care are taken into account when Government is planning the support services that they and the person they care for will need.

Director of Primary Care and Older People’s Services Alan Corry Finn, Trust lead on Carers, said: “It is essential for carers to complete the carers question in the census questionnaire. It is the only means we have of knowing how many people are carrying out an unpaid caring role.”

Question 25 on the census form asks: Do you look after, or give any help or support to family members, friends, neighbours or others because of either:
• Long-term physical or mental ill-health / disability?
• Problems related to old age?

Getting someone’s shopping; preparing someone’s meals or helping them to eat; managing their money; helping someone to wash, get dressed, move or get around and; making sure someone is safe at home, are just some examples of caring.