Western Trust welcomes Telehealth for patients


Western Trust welcomes Telehealth for patients The Western Trust welcomes the Health Minister Michael McGimpsey’s recent announcement of the signing of a new contract for the health service to bring remote monitoring technology to patients in their own homes.

Alan Corry-Finn Director of Primary Care and Older People’s Services said: “With the increasing ageing population and funding pressures this technology will ensure that the Western Trust continues to provide a high quality service whilst allowing patients to be monitored in the comfort of their own home.  Patients with heart and respiratory conditions, diabetes and those who have suffered a stroke and require ongoing support can have their vital signs, such as pulse, blood pressure and body weight, tested at home on a daily basis and monitored centrally. 

He added: “Remote telemonitoring is an example of the innovation that will be required in the future and will result in a positive experience and better outcomes for our patients. The use of this technology will give people more information and control over their health whilst supporting them to live independently in their own home. Families and carers will also benefit from the reassurance that chronic health conditions are being closely monitored on an ongoing basis and with early intervention and support this will result in fewer spells in hospital."