Supporting People Bereaved by Suicide


Members of the public are invited to a meeting on Tuesday 20 September, 7.30pm, in the Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre, Limavady to discuss plans for setting up a support group for those bereaved by suicide in the Limavady Borough area.


When someone dies by suicide many people are affected: families, friends and work colleagues, but all too often no one gets the opportunity to talk about how they feel.  The journey for those left behind after the loss of a loved one can be extremely painful, devastating and traumatic.  Many people who have been bereaved in this way have enquired about support group available.


Barry McGale, Suicide Liaison Officer with the Western Trust, is supporting the formation of a new group in the Limavady area, Barry said: “I am involved with a number of support groups and find that they can be beneficial for people trying to cope with the loss of a loved one through suicide. Evidence confirms that support groups are a powerful and constructive way for people to help both themselves and others.


 “Grief associated with bereavement by suicide is unique. The coming together of those similarly bereaved, regardless of when the death occurred, can provide the opportunity to be with other people who can really understand.  They have been through the same experience and can offer the opportunity to gain strength and understanding from the individuals within the group.”


 “It is believed that the formation of this group will go some way to help support people through what is a very distressing and painful experience.   We would encourage anyone who has been affected by suicide to please come along to the meeting.”


For further information on local suicide support groups please contact Barry McGale Tel: 028 7132 0138.