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Absent without leave
Management and treatment guidelines for alcohol withdrawls policy

Admission of young person 14 to 18 years to adult care wards

Admission of children to the acute children’s ward policy
Adult and childrens services joint protocol responding to the needs of children whose parents have mental health and or substance abuse
Appraisal policy

Assistance Dogs Policy

Ambulatory Care Unit


Blood Administration for Community Patients Policy
Blood component transfusion in adults

Blood Component Transfusion in Neonates and Older Children Policy
Breastfeeding policy

Bribery Policy

Capability procedure
Care of Children Perioperatively Policy

Chaperoning Policy
Childrens services administrative systems recording policy standards and criteria
CME McKinley T34 Ambulatory Syringe Pump Use for Adult Palliative Patients Policy

Closed Circuit Television Surveillance System (CCTV) Policy

Code of practice on the employment of people with a disability
Cold chain
Complaints Management

Conflict, bullying and harassment in the workplace policy
Consultant, Career Grade Doctors & Dentists Study Leave Policy
Control of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Policy
Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)


Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy

Debt Management and Recovery Policy - Residential  Nursing Homes Clients

Discharge from Adult Critical Care Services Policy
Disciplinary procedure
Discretionary points policy

Disinfection and Decontamination Policy
Domestic Violence policy
Dress Code policy

Email policy

Engagement & Supportive Observation Policy

Environmental Policy

Emergency Blood Management Plan for Shortages of Red Cells and Platelets
Equal opportunities policy statement

Exposure to Body Fluids and HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Policy

Electroconvulsive Therapy for Inpatients and Outpatients

Experience of Breavement

Fire Safety policy

First Aid policy

Food Safety Policy

Food and Nutrition Policy
Fraud Policy Statement

Generic Prescribing Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Grievance procedure
Guidelines to the investigation process of harassment at work

Health and Safety Policy
HIV and Aids Policy

Hospital at Night Bleep Policy
Hospital at Night Operational Policy

Hospital Visiting Policy
HR strategy

ICT Disposals
Identification and recording of next of kin
Incident reporting and procedures

Infection Prevention and Control Standard Precautions Policy
Integrated admission and discharge
Interhospital transfer of patients and their files / records
Internet policy

Joint declaration of protection

Last Offices
Latex policy

Lithium Policy

Malicious Software
Manual Handling Policy

Measles - prevention and control policy

Medical Devices Management

Medicines reconciliation on admission and discharge from hospital policy

Mobile Devices Phone Use in Mental Health Wards Policy

MRSA Screening and Management Policy (Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcin Aureus)

Maternity QI




Neonatal intravenous gentamicin policy
Non medical prescribing policy
Nursing and midwifery rostering policy
Nurses giving 1st dose of IV antibiotics adults and paeds policy


Optional points policy
Oral Methotrexate Policy

Patient and Client Identification Policy

Policy on Pregnancy Testing in Females of child bearing potential on admission to Hospital

Management of Patient Choice Related Discharges Delays

Post Mortems Consent Policy
Prescribing and Administering Intravenous Fluids to Children Policy

Prescription and Administration of Oxygen to Adults in Inpatient Facilities
Prevention of Slips, Trips & Falls for Inpatients within the Western Trust

Procedural Sedation: Children and Young People
Professional registration
Public interest disclosure (whistleblowing)


Recording of Fluid Balance Intake-Output Policy
Recording of Verbal Instructions of Patients'/ Clients' Care and Treatment Policy
Records Management Policy
Redeployment redundancy policy
Reducing the Harm Caused by Misplaced Nasogastric and Orogastric Feeding Tubes Policy
Referral of a Registrant to the NMC Policy
Regulation and Professional Registration Policy

Removal associated expenses policy

Restrictive Interventions Policy
Resuscitation Policy

Revalidation Policy for nurses and midwives

Risk Management Policy

Safe administration of Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Selection appointments policy
Self discharge contrary to medical advice policy
Server desktop and portable security

Social Media Policy
Standing financial instructions

Stroke Telemedicine Governance Policy
Supervision in Nursing Policy


Transfer policy for Neonates, Infants and Children
Treatment of Anaphylaxis in adults and children policy
Treatment of patients who decline transfusion of blood components
Temporary movement to a higher pay-band acting up policy

Unlicensed Medicines Policy

Use of Patient / Client Identification Band Policy

Use of Site Specific Consent Forms for Radiotherapy Treatment Policy
Using Bedrails Safely and Effectively Policy
User Accounts and Passwords management

Verification of Life Extinct Policy

Zero Tolerance and Security Policy

Zero Tolerance to Preventable Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs)