Award of Contract for Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital


Award of Contract for Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital The Western Trust is pleased to announce the award of contract to McLaughlin & Harvey for construction of the Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital at the Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital site.

The £65m contract will be completed over a two year period with work commencing within weeks.

Western Trust Chairman, Mr Gerard Guckian, said: “I am delighted to announce this important milestone in what is a key development for the staff and the community of the Omagh area and beyond.  As well as developing a modern healthcare facility, the project will have huge importance for the local economy by providing opportunities for increased employment during the construction phase. The Western Trust would like to extend its thanks to the Health Minister, the DHSSPS and the HSCB for their continued support for the project.”

The 23,000m2 (approx.) building will consist of two storeys and will include accommodation for the services currently delivered from Tyrone County Hospital, Omagh Health Centre and the community mental health unit at Dergmoney House. Services including G.P. practices, urgent care and treatment, cardiac assessment, renal dialysis, out-patients, dedicated children’s department, X-ray and imaging will be located on the ground floor.

The first floor will include in-patient rehabilitation, recovery and palliative care services delivered from single en-suite rooms. Day case theatres, community dental, allied health professional’s therapy centre, the community mental health team and a dedicated centre for woman’s health are also part of the service profile on the first floor.

Western Trust Chief Executive, Ms Elaine Way, CBE said: “I am particularly pleased that patients and clients will soon benefit from a facility that will combine both hospital and community services in a single modern setting that has been designed with the important input of local staff who deliver care.  I recognise the importance of this facility in providing essential health and social services locally to the population of the Western Trust area and I am pleased that the Western Trust has delivered on the commitments made to the community in the award of contract today.”

Ms Way continued: “Trust staff are particularly pleased that the opportunity has been taken to ensure the building design incorporates many innovative and modern initiatives such as a clinical intervention centre.

Director of Strategic Capital Development, Alan Moore, acknowledged that in the announcement for the award of contract, the next two years will be an exciting but busy time for both the Western Trust’s project team and the contractor, but is also confident that the hospital will be successfully delivered in line with the commitments made by the Western Trust.”