Omagh Local Enhanced Hospital


Omagh Local Enhanced Hospital

2015 is shaping up to be a very busy year for all involved with Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital.

Michael MacCrossan, Project Lead, describes below how the project is progressing and the key milestones that will be achieved over the coming months. "Anyone who is familiar with or recently visited the Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital in Omagh can't but notice the huge tower cranes that dominate the skyline. These cranes stand over the site of the new Omagh Hospital and have been in operation since work on the site started in early summer 2014. They will remain for much of the construction phase which is expected to be completed by autumn 2016."

"To date the contractor McLaughlin & Harvey has been busy on the ground with earth works preparing foundations and remodelling the site.  Indeed foundations have already been completed in many areas and the HSDU and Energy Centre are now well out of the ground and up to roof level. As spring and summer approach, along with the better weather, the pace of work on site is expected to quicken and before long visitors to area should begin to see the structural outline of the main hospital block and for the first time get a real appreciation of the scale of the development.  It is expected that all the building works will be well advanced to second storey level during 2015." Michael said.

The contractor has also been busy on other fronts.  McLaughlin & Harvey have been visiting local primary schools and employing local students on the project as part of their commitment to the social and economic life of the local community.  They have registered the 2015 phase of works with the Considerate Constructor’s Scheme which is a national initiative set up by the Construction Industry to improve its image.  The scheme has been shortlisted and the project team wish the contractor well at the awards ceremony.

Michael continued: "The project team are currently exploring opportunities to further improve the environmental performance of the new hospital. The NI Executive have recently announced the "Gas to the West" scheme which will bring natural gas to Omagh by 2017 and with some relatively minor engineering changes it will be possible to future proof the energy centre to allow the hospital to run on gas when it arrives.   It is hoped that the new hospital will be one of the first facilities in Omagh to avail of this new energy supply. In addition an option to place photo-voltaic (PV) cells on the roof of the new hospital to generate electricity from solar energy is being considered.

"This year will see completion of the final touches to the design. These include the layout of flexible working areas that will accommodate staff from Tyrone County, Omagh Health Centre and Lissan House and the important final decisions on the choice of colours and finishes along with external landscaping.

"By the end of April work will be complete on mock-ups of a single bedroom and consulting room. This will give staff the opportunity to familiarise themselves and give feedback with regard to the layout, fittings and equipment choices.
The project team continue to work closely with staff and G.P. practice managers in identifying equipment needs for the new hospital. This critical piece of work which is expected to be completed by the end 2015 includes identifying existing equipment to be transferred to the new hospital as well producing specifications and ordering new equipment that will be commissioned in 2016." 

Michael added: "In the coming months the Trust will be developing a Travel plan for the new hospital which will cover public transport, car parking, staff and visitor travel surveys, together with the promotion of walking and cycling.  In summary, 2015 will be a busy year for all involved and will see us well prepared on all fronts for the challenges of 2016 and the commissioning of the new facility."