Tyrone County Hospital, the End of an Era


Tyrone County Hospital, the End of an Era The Western Trust held a celebration dinner dance on Friday 3 February 2017 in the Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh to mark the End of Era as the Tyrone County Hospital will be moving to the new Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex later this year.

The celebration event was organised by the managers within the Tyrone County Hospital and was attended by 400 staff members, both past and present. The night included an awards ceremony and prize draw, generously supported by local businesses in the Omagh area. Guests were also able to take fun photos in a photo booth that had kindly been sponsored by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). 

Sr Carol Reid, Day Procedure Unit said: “This was the brain child of the managers within the Tyrone County Hospital that felt that the occasion needed to be celebrated as the Tyrone County Hospital has been such a big part of so many families’ lives within Omagh and the surrounding areas. Whether it was bringing babies into the world, or helping those who are at the end of life and every aspect of hospital life in-between. The Tyrone County was and remains a pivotal part of the Omagh landscape, as will the new hospital.

“When we had the idea over a year ago and we booked the venue, the managers were nervous that maybe no one wanted to celebrate this. But boy were we wrong! The tickets went on sale in August 2016  and were opened initially to present staff and after Halloween was opened up to ex-staff and by the second week of December we had to open a waiting list for tickets as all 400 where allocated and to be honest we could have sold 600 tickets. This event was well supported by everyone within the hospital building from doctors, nurses, support services, estates and ambulance.

“We felt the night was to be celebrated and not mourned as this was the opening of a new chapter in the Omagh Hospital. The crowd enjoyed a lovely meal and danced the night away to The Rockets who were the cause of lots of sore feet as we danced until the early hours.

“The night included an awards ceremony which was a bit of fun to celebrate all the quirks that make the Tyrone County what it is today. We celebrated everything from ‘The Happiest Nurse’ to ‘Mr Can’t Be Found’.  Another highlight of the night was the photo booth, where everyone was encouraged to get a silly photo taken which will be made into a collage and taken to the new hospital so there will always be a little bit of the Tyrone County staff past and present in the new build.

“The managers would like to thank all the other staff that helped in any way to the organisation of the whole night and to the staff of the Silverbirch Hotel for their excellent service. We also wish to thank all the local businesses and the RCN for their generosity. The night was a roaring success and everyone loved meeting up with people they had worked with over the years and hadn’t seen in ages.  Hopefully we can find a reason to do it all again!”