Students artwork proudly displayed in new Omagh Hospital


Students artwork proudly displayed in new Omagh Hospital The Western Trust is delighted to have Art students from Drumragh Integrated College, Omagh involved in an exciting arts project for the new Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex.

The Year 11 students have been working under the guidance of award winning ceramicist Diane Mc Cormack and their teacher Mr Bradley to produce a signature piece of artwork for the new Hospital as it nears completion.
This is an exciting partnership that means the students work will be proudly displayed in the main foyer of the new Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex.

Geraldine O’ Reilly, Patient Environment Arts Coordinator for the project said: “When the open call went out to schools, Drumragh Integrated College expressed an interest in getting involved in an arts project. This was particularly appropriate given the close proximity of the school with the new hospital site, and the new hospital building is clearly visible from the Art Department in the school.”

‘The Cure at Troy’ by Seamus Heaney was a major influence in the creation of the artwork with phrases and images of ‘healing and hope’ standing out as inspiration to the students. The artwork is based on a DNA helix which rather appropriately represents the ‘humanity’ of the hospital building and its potential for sustaining life. The helix structure ‘supports’ the individual ceramic discs that students designed and created; these individual pieces are decorated with patterns, textures, words and colour and are speckled throughout the strands of the DNA helix. Mr Bradley, Head of Art and Design at Drumragh Integrated College said: ‘’Drumragh College is practically a next door neighbour of the new Hospital Complex, we were pleased to be asked to contribute as it gave our students an excellent opportunity to be part of a creative team that generated something unique and special for a shared public space. We were all really excited about working with Ceramic Artist, Diane Mc Cormack, we all learned a lot from the experience’’.

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