How can YOU support Breastfeeding in your local area?


How can YOU support Breastfeeding in your local area? The Western Trust is celebrating their local Breastfeeding Awareness Week from 19 -25 June 2017.  This year the Western Trust is asking how you can support breastfeeding in your area.

Breastfeeding is good for both mother and baby, and the health benefits for baby last well into childhood and beyond.  Each day a mother continues to breastfeed is another day the child receives important health benefits from their mother. 

It is vital that new mothers are supported throughout the duration of time that they choose to breastfeed their baby.  There is a range of Breastfeeding support throughout the Western Trust Area that provide advice to mothers when breastfeeding, however much more can be done to help challenge attitudes and provide support to new mums. 

Throughout Breastfeeding Awareness Week local businesses, statutory, voluntary and community organisations are encouraged to consider how they can be supportive of a breastfeeding woman.  There are a number of ways in which a woman can be supported. This includes:

• Participating in the Public Health Agency, Welcome Here Scheme;
• Develop a policy for breastfeeding women returning to work;
• Provide an area for breastfeeding mums to feed or express;
• Allow time off to attend antenatal classes;
• Listen to mums;
• Signpost to breastfeeding support;
• Raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby.

Claire Hamilton, Western Trust Health Improvement Department stated: “Breastfeeding makes a difference right from the first feed. With only 7% of babies in Northern Ireland still breastfeeding at six months it is vital that we support and encourage mums to breastfeed. If a mother feels supported by her partner and families and by the wider community we hope that she will continue to breastfeed for longer. By supporting breastfeeding, we are making breastfeeding more acceptable within the community.”

If your organisation would like to become more involved in supporting breastfeeding women or become a certified ‘Welcome Here’ Scheme organisation, please contact the Health Improvement Department, Western Trust on 028 71 865 127.

For additional information about breastfeeding or breastfeeding activities within your area contact your midwife, health visitor or breastfeeding support group. More information can also be found here or if your organisation or business would like more information on ‘Welcome Here’ please click here.

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