Getting Ready for Baby programme launched in Fermanagh


Getting Ready for Baby programme launched in Fermanagh The Western Trust is delighted to launch the ‘Getting Ready for Baby’ programme in Fermanagh. This is a new pioneering way of delivering antenatal care to first time parents.

This programme has been on-going in 19 pilot sites across Northern Ireland for the past year with very positive feedback from new parents.

Speaking at the launch of the ‘Getting Ready for Baby’ programme in Fermanagh Audrey Moore, Western Trust Early Intervention Transformation Programme (EITP) Implementation Manager said: “We are delighted that this service has been expanded into the Fermanagh area. This will mean parents who would like to participate in the ‘Getting Ready for Baby’ programme can attend the South West Acute Hospital, which is the first Fermanagh site.

“Women will be offered this new programme when they go to the midwife for their booking appointment. The programme means women can have their ante-natal care combined with their parent-craft education with a group of new parents that are at the same stage of pregnancy as themselves.

“To enhance support to parents through improved social networks, the group based sessions will commence at around 16 weeks pregnant and continue in line with the regional antenatal pathway of usual contacts for first time parents until 36 weeks pregnant, at which time care will return to individual appointments by the same community midwifery team. Expectant mum’s scans and visits with the obstetrician remain the same as before.”

Audrey continued: “Getting Ready for Baby’ programme includes all the same information as traditional ‘parent-craft’ classes but it also helps parents to start developing that early relationship with their baby. The programme includes a lot about emotional health and wellbeing and is designed to help both parent and baby through pregnancy, labour and birth along with providing a strong foundation for secure attachment and positive mental health.”

Over 350 women in the Western Trust area have been involved in the programme and feedback has been extremely positive. The Public Health Agency (PHA) coordinates the EITP throughout Northern Ireland and aims to improve outcomes for children and young people through embedding early intervention approaches.

Siobhan Slavin, PHA Change Manager for EITP, said: “It can be daunting being a first time parent and ‘Getting Ready for Baby’ aims to make this journey as enjoyable as possible. Creating a supportive environment for parents and equipping them with the tools to develop good health and wellbeing is just as important for the baby as it if for the parents. Getting off to the best possible start can be essential to a baby’s development and preparation is key to that good start.”

New parents, Fiona and Claude Bersot, who travelled from Ballinamallard to Omagh to take part in ‘Getting Ready for Baby’ commented: “I don’t know how anyone would have a baby without doing the programme. It just made sense to have my clinical care along with our parent-craft. All that we learnt made us realise what a big job parenting is! We are delighted more new parents in Fermanagh will be able to have this new type of care.”

If you are interested in finding out more information please contact Audrey Moore, Western Trust EITP Implementation Manager on: 07824597536 or email:

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