‘Breaking the Silence’ for Baby Loss Awareness Week


‘Breaking the Silence’ for Baby Loss Awareness Week

The Western Trust is ‘Breaking the Silence’ by supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week (9-15 October 2017). Losing a baby is often a taboo subject but with 15 babies stillborn each day in the UK and one in four pregnancies resulting in miscarriage, it’s important to know you’re not alone.

Losing a baby, at any gestation, is surrounded with untold heartbreak and can be a very distressing experience. The kind of care that women or couples receive from their hospital, GP or Midwife can make a real difference to how they cope with the experience of pregnancy loss. With the introduction of a Childbirth and Pregnancy Loss Specialist Midwife, the Western Trust has taken steps in order to improve the care given in our hospitals.

Speaking about Baby Loss Awareness Week Melissa Crockett, Western Trust Childbirth and Pregnancy Loss Specialist Midwife said: “Baby Loss Awareness Week is a vital opportunity for parents and families to remember and commemorate their precious babies who have died, knowing that many other bereaved parents are experiencing similar emotions. 

Melissa continued, “It is not only a vital part of the grieving process for these parents but this week can be used to highlight pertinent concerns surrounding pregnancy loss and reiterate to the wider community the continuing improvements being made in bereavement support; for example the commencement of my role as Childbirth and Pregnancy Loss Midwife.  One element of this role will be to bridge the gap between bereaved families and hospital staff following the loss of a baby and to assist in providing immediate and also long term sensitive care and support to all involved.”

Every year on 15 October 2017 people from around the world are invited to light a candle or candles at 7pm to create a ‘Wave of Light’ in memory of babies lost in pregnancy, during or soon after birth, or in infancy.

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