Love Your Sexual Health


Love Your Sexual Health
The Western Trust is raising awareness of sexual health issues during Sexual Health Awareness Week (12 – 16 February 2018) by launching a new campaign ‘Love Your Sexual Health’. This new campaign, in partnership with the Public Health Agency, aims to raise awareness about sexual health services in the Trust and the concept of ‘consent’.

Health Improvement Officer Ann Linstrom explains the concept behind the new campaign: “With sexually transmitted infections (STIs) still a key area of concern in Northern Ireland we want to see young people and adults improve and protect their sexual health and wellbeing. The Western Trust has developed this campaign to reinforce the message of looking at our sexual health from a positive standout ‘Love Your Sexual Health’.

“The Western Trust’s Health Improvement/Equality and Involvement Department are delighted to be working with a range of partners in particular sexual health charities to raise awareness of the concept of ‘consent’ and promote sexual health services. It’s important that we challenge the stigma associated with sexual health issues and normalise accessing, sexual health services and screening for sexually transmitted infections. Stigma associated with accessing services can be a barrier to seeking support.”

“We are encouraging anyone who is concerned about their Sexual Health to come and visit our services to discuss any sexual health concerns. Information about our services can be found on the Western Trust website."

To support the delivery of the campaign an information pack has been developed.  Promotional materials advertising sexual health services have been designed and are available for dissemination in Further Education Colleges, Ulster University and throughout communities and workplaces.

For further information, about how to become involved in the campaign or to avail of sexual health programmes for young people or training for practitioners contact Ann Linstrom  on T: (028) 7186 5127 or email:


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