Lilliput Theatre Company and the Playhouse - STELLA Project


Lilliput Theatre Company and the Playhouse -  STELLA ProjectThe Western Trust Adult Learning Disability Services are delighted to support a  small group of service users from Lilliput Theatre Company and the Playhouse who have recently returned from their latest international trip as part of the STELLA-project.  Funded by EU Erasmus+ STELLA this is a ten country strategic partnership with organisations from Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Turkey.  The project works to develop skills and competencies of people with disabilities including organizational skills, social behaviour, teamwork, analytical thinking, communication skills and technical skills.

During their four day trip to Athens, Greece the groups from each participating country met for a series of meetings and presentations featuring the progress of their projects so far. They discussed the ideals and opportunities they had for working within groups of people with learning difficulties; how to learn and use best practice from partners; building / being part of a legacy; and promote awareness for staff and policy makers.  They also shared their experiences with policy makers involved in adult education to ensure the involvement and empowerment of people with disabilities.

As part of their project for STELLA Lilliput Theatre Company composed and recorded two songs and with funding provided through the project they were able to source the expertise of Dr Liam Campbell to work alongside the group and through chatting to them he helped them decide on the topic and theme of the songs; and from there the creative juices flowed.

As the project continues through until September 2019 with further trips to Turkey in December 2018 and Lithuania in September 2019, Lilliput will continue to develop their project by designing a cover for the DVD, marketing and launching the songs which is planned to tie in with the local TADA (The Accessible Disability Arts) festival scheduled to take place from the 7 – 10 June 2018 throughout  Derry~Londonderry and Strabane District Council area where cultural venues and spaces across the City and District host a range of disability arts programmes.

Dr Liam Campbell commented: “It was a great privilege working with Lilliput in writing workshops - writing the songs together: chords, lyrics and melodies. Seeing these songs come to life in the recording studio with everyone’s input was very rewarding. The final recorded songs, the wonderful performances from the members of Lilliput, and the resultant videos are all tangible indicators of the high quality and worth of this project.”            

They also really enjoyed making the video for the songs (recorded and edited by Fiachra O’Longain) which can be viewed on the Playhouse Derry YouTube channel and below.

Fiachra O’Longain commented: "Lilliput were great to work with. All of the company members and staff were very enthusiastic about making the videos, and together I think they produced some great results.”                                                                                                           

Speaking of their trip to Athens;

Shona Mc Eleney, Western Trust Care Assistant, Lilliput Theatre Company said: “From my involvement with the STELLA project, I have enjoyed working with Lilliput in creating 2 fantastic songs which the group wrote and recorded.   The STELLA project highlighted to me the different variety of projects from each country; how they have identified techniques and how these were carried out; and how we may be able to apply them within Lilliput.  The trip to Athens was a great opportunity for me to see how other people with learning disabilities in other countries promote independence and self-actualisation.  It was a proud moment for me to see the premier of the music videos in Athens; it was a great feeling and I was delighted to see Lilliput showcase their great work.”

Niamh Harte, Lilliput member said: “ I like singing and enjoyed singing in front of the mic in the recording studio, it made me feel happy and I enjoyed doing new things.  I was very proud when I watched the video in Athens, it was nice meeting new people from other places in the STELLA project and while I was there I spoke to the groups and told them what I do at home, I was happy to tell them about my work placements and what we do in Lilliput.”

Clare-Ellen Duddy, Western Trust Senior Day Care Worker Lilliput Theatre Company said:  “Lilliput Theatre Company are very happy and proud to be involved in the STELLA-project, not only has it given us the opportunity to visit other countries and see what their groups are doing, it has given Lilliput a platform to showcase what we do as a group of people with learning disabilities.  Hearing from other groups helps us to keep open minded in our work as staff to provide and promote independence and inclusion and it also gives us a fresh prospective of what is possible for us to do when moving forward together as a group within our local society.”

This opportunity would not have been possible without the application and introduction from the Playhouse and so we say a huge thank you to them and also to the Western Trust’s Senior Management Team for their continued support of our in this exciting  project.

Happy Song by Lilliput Theatre Company and 25 years


25 years - Thank you for the Memories - A song Lilliput Theatre Company