International Clinical Trials Day 2018


International Clinical Trials Day 2018The Research and Development Office is marking International Clinical Trials Day on 20th May 2018 to raise the awareness of the importance of research among healthcare professionals, patients and the public in support of the Public Health Agency (PHA) campaign ‘I am Research’.

Clinical studies and other types of research studies are vital to help develop new treatments, new medical devices such as stents and new and improved services. Ultimately the involvement of patients in research is the only way that we can improve health of the population. Not every medication works for every person and so the Western Trust is strongly committed doing research in to personalising health for individuals. This cannot be done however without the help of everyone, from patients, to families to staff in hospitals and general practice. Currently, the Western Trust has 135 studies on-going from local researchers and international researchers with over 50 new studies starting every year.

Dr. Aaron Peace, as the Western Trust, Director for Research and Development said:  “International Clinical Trials Day allows us to showcase to our patient’s, our staff and our community the amazing medical research that is actually happening on our doorstep. In particular, our involvement together with our patients has meant that many of our patients have been able to receive new expensive treatments that they would not otherwise been able to have had they not been involved in a research study. Involvement in research not only means patients will be more closely monitored but it helps the wider community as it leads to more jobs locally as research generates money which goes back into our services. In conjunction with our local University, UU, and our local council, the Western Trust is actively working towards even more research but this can only be done with the help of our community. In the North West, we already have the largest centre in Ireland for personalised medicine and we want to see this grow to become a global leader.  Working together with our patients as partners to guide what research is most important for them will bring excellence in health in this region while increasing economic prosperity. High quality research means a high quality healthcare”.

To find out more, contact the Western Trust R&D office or a member of your healthcare team.