Renal roadshow will show benefits of home dialysis


Renal roadshow will show benefits of home dialysisThe Western Trust is hosting two renal roadshows to demonstrate how home dialysis can help improve a patient’s quality of life.




The roadshows will be held at:

  • Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex on Wednesday 6 June 2018 at 10am – 2pm;
  • Everglades Hotel, Londonderry on Sunday 10 June 2018 at 11am – 4pm.

Members of the public are invited to drop in and find out more about home dialysis. Experts will be on hand to answer any questions, and patients will have an opportunity to speak to patients already dialysing at home.

Haemodialysis involves diverting blood into an external machine, where it's filtered before being returned to the body. Most people who require dialysis treatment must travel to hospital to attend three appointments every week, for around four hours on each occasion.

However, some patients who are considered suitable are able to self-dialyse at home and can be provided with all the necessary equipment, training and ongoing support to ensure they don’t have to travel to and from hospital several times a week for treatment, which can be very stressful for both the patient and their families.
Carmel Kilpatrick, Renal Home Therapies Team Leader at the Western Trust said:

“Patients undergoing dialysis treatment can feel restricted due to the number of appointments they must attend so the option of home dialysis is fantastic as it brings about a marked improvement in a patient’s quality of life and clinical outcomes and it also gives them increased freedom to carry on with their daily life as much as possible.

“We have many patients who still go on holidays, including cruises and all their dialysis equipment will be at their destination when they arrive. Home Dialysis really does give patients and their families more freedom. I would encourage all renal patients to come along to the Roadshows and get hands on experience of equipment and find out how home dialysis might work for them.”