Celebrating 70 Years of the NHS


Celebrating 70 Years of the NHSAs we celebrate 70 years of the NHS on 5 July 2018, Chief Executive of the Western Trust Dr Anne Kilgallen has extended her thanks to each and every member of its 12,000 staff for the vital role they play, ensuring that our patients and clients are supported through their health and social care journey.

Dr Kilgallen said: “Today is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the many achievements of our NHS over the past 70 years and also take a moment to pause and appreciate the vital role the service plays in the health and wellbeing of everyone. All of human experience is shared in the NHS – sadness, joy, hope and triumph. It is a service that touches the lives of every single individual at some point in their lifetime and it is thanks to our extraordinary staff – the everyday heroes, who are there to guide, support and care for us each day.

“Our staff all demonstrate a deep sense of public service and I’m proud to say that the great tradition of public service, so clearly evidenced in the past, is being carried on by the staff of the Western Trust every day.”