Developments at South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen


Developments at South West Acute Hospital, EnniskillenThe Western Trust has today (Friday 27 July 2018) met with Public and Community representatives to commit to a partnership approach to the future development of health and care services across Fermanagh and in South West Acute Hospital.

This process of involvement – referred to as co-production - is at the heart of the Delivering Together strategy for health and social care services and is intended to deliver better experience of care for individuals and better health outcomes for local populations.

Western Trust Chief Executive, Dr Anne Kilgallen, said: “I believe passionately that the South West Acute Hospital and its staff is an asset for the community and for the region. I have committed to staff that we will work together to ensure that services meet the needs of this community in a safe and sustainable way. It is crucial that we engage the community itself, not simply in giving their views but also in understanding what health and wellbeing information is available to inform our current and future planning, and to work with us in partnership in a co-production way.”

The Department of Health has agreed to sponsor a pathfinder initiative that will identify the current and long-term health service needs for the local population served by the hospital and produce a plan to strengthen it as a hub for delivering sustainable health services. This work will build on the successful involvement of communities in the pathfinder approach at Daisy Hill Hospital, Newry, in 2017.

This process will include consideration of the contribution that South West Acute can make as part of the Health and Social Care (HSC) system as well as its local importance.

Dr Kilgallen continued   “This is a step on a journey and I do not expect there to be any immediate change. Building the relationships necessary to engage people will take time. However, I hope that people will find that they have a real opportunity to shape a legacy for the next era of health and care in the Fermanagh area.”

The Trust will engage with all stakeholders in the coming weeks and months and welcome input from all parties.