Western Trust welcomes the announcement of new Regional Centres for Day Surgery


Western Trust welcomes the announcement of new Regional Centres for Day SurgeryThe Western Trust today welcomes the announcement made by the Department of Health (DOH) on the Regional Centres for cataract and varicose veins.

It is planned that from December 2018, the new prototype elective care centres will undertake routine day surgery for cataracts and treatment of varicose veins.
The prototypes for varicose veins will be based at Lagan Valley Hospital and Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex; and those for cataracts will operate from three locations - Mid-Ulster Hospital, Downe Hospital and South Tyrone Hospital.

These centres will significantly reduce waiting lists for both procedures over the next two years.
The initiative represents a significant step forward in the transformation of health care and clearly demonstrates the benefits to patients of that process.
Dr Anne Kilgallen, Western Trust Chief Executive said: “This is great news for the Western Trust and in particular the Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex. We look forward to working with the Department of Health and our clinical and nursing staff to take forward this important initiative which will benefit patients who require routine varicose veins surgery.”

Zola Mzimba, Western Trust Consultant Surgeon explains: “Patients who have been waiting a considerable length of time to be called for routine varicose veins surgery will be offered an appointment at Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex as a day case. This means they will have their procedure and be discharged home on the same day.  Elective care centres are not affected by emergency surgery and therefore designed to reduce waiting lists and remove any risk of a postcode lottery of treatment. In future patients will receive their treatment based on clinical need and not be  dependent on where they are living or which hospital they are near.”

In all cases, the prototypes will serve patients from across Northern Ireland.

The prototypes will help inform the development of regional daycase elective care centres for other specialties.
Regional centres for routine day case surgery will secure important improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of care. Crucially, they will operate on separate sites from urgent and emergency hospital care – meaning they will not be competing for operating rooms and other resources leading to fewer cancellations of operations. While some patients may be asked to travel further for their treatment, they will be seen faster and have a better experience.