Maternity Services Celebrates Baby Friendly Accreditation


Maternity Services Celebrates Baby Friendly AccreditationThe Western Trust Women and Children’s Services across our Hospital and  Community  sectors in Omagh and Fermanagh are celebrating a successful Reaccreditation by the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative.

Midwives, Health visitors, Health Care Assistants and Doctors were assessed over a three day period as part of the assessment. Mothers were also interviewed to assess the standard of care that they had received from the Midwifery, Neo-natal and Health Visiting Services. All parents were able to give good information on forming close loving relationships with their babies as well as being able to describe how to care for their babies in the best ways for good brain development. Mothers who have chosen to formula feed were all able to describe how to make up feeds safely and feed their baby responsively.

Mr Kieran Downey, Western Trust Director of Women and Children’s Services said: “Staff within the Western Trust have continued to demonstrate great commitment to the Baby Friendly Initiative and strive to deliver up-to-date services to local families, with the aim to provide consistent messages regarding infant feeding.  It is evident that most mothers want to breastfeed but don't always get the effective support they need to do so successfully. It is our aim within the Trust to ensure that all mothers have appropriate information, knowledge and support regarding breastfeeding to make informed decisions on feeding their baby.”

Annmarie McDonnell, Breast Feeding Co-ordinator / Specialist Midwife at the South West Acute Hospital said: “Staff within the statutory and community sector of the Western Trust have dedicated a huge amount of time and hard work to this initiative and this partnership is essential to successfully implement UNICEF best standards of care for mothers and babies. We very much appreciate the enthusiasm and foresight of mothers and their partners who wish to give their baby the  Best Start in Life.  This is a massive achievement for everyone involved in Maternity Services in the Southern Sector of the Trust. We will continue to work towards reaching the Gold Standard award on the recommendation of UNICEF Assessors over the coming months and know with the dedication of our staff we will reach this exciting milestone.”