Pathfinder and Involvement

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The five Experts by Experience have been selected, you can read more here.


Co-production Principles and Pathfinder:

The Pathfinder Project, in line with the co-production guide: Connecting and Realising Value through People will ensure that the Expert by Experience is pivotal to the development of our services.

Pathfinder will uphold the six principles of co-production:

     1.  Valuing people: Ensuring a person centred process building reciprocal relationships between people

     2.  Building Representative People Networks: Moving towards a balanced and meaningful participation, engagement and shared Ownership

     3.  Building People’s Capacity: Creating the circumstances for shared decision making and moving power from Boardroom to Point of Care services

     4.  Reciprocal Recognition: Valuing contributions of all participants and committing to learning together and resolving perspectives with respect.

     5.  Cross Boundary Working: Creating the conditions for a multi –agency approach to the improvement of outcomes for local communities and mobilising all available assets to ensure shared goals and better health and wellbeing outcomes.

     6.  Enabling and Facilitating: Empowering all involved to have a solution focused approach and promoting joint responsibility for achieving positive outcomes.


You have a right to be involved. 

From 1 April 2009 a statutory duty of public involvement and consultation was placed on all health and social care organisations.

The Western Trust is committed to ensuring that everyone who needs to and wishes to be involved in the planning, development and evaluation of its services is facilitated to do so irrespective of learning, skills, knowledge and experience. 

As we plan and develop services, we can only make improvements by involving people who have experience of using these services, either as a service user, carer a member of the public. 

This is know as Personal and Public Involvement (PPI). To learn more about PPI click here or visit