Macmillan Award for Local Information and Support Manager


Macmillan Award for Local Information and Support ManagerMartha Magee, Macmillan Information and Support Manager for the Western Trust has recently been awarded the Macmillan Volunteering Quality Standards (MVQS) Certificate, the charity’s quality standard for good practice in volunteer management.

Martha was recently presented with her certificate at the Macmillan Information and Support Centre at Altnagelvin Hospital by Lorna Nevin, Macmillan Partnership Manager.

Lorna commented, “I’m absolutely delighted to be presenting Martha with an MVQS Certificate in recognition of completing and achieving the Macmillan Volunteering Quality Standards. The key areas within the standards assess and assure supportive volunteer management from recruitment processes through to training and development of volunteer roles. By receiving this award, Martha has clearly demonstrated that she values the amazing contribution of the volunteers within her service, ensuring that they are happy and motivated and enabling them to play a key role in supporting local people affected by cancer.”

There are currently 26 Western Trust volunteers who support the Macmillan Information & Support Service. Their role specific training is facilitated through Macmillan and they complement the services provided by staff in supporting people affected by cancer.

Martha said, “I’m really honoured and privileged to have been awarded this certificate by Macmillan. By undertaking the Volunteer Quality Standards framework it means that each of our volunteer needs are recognised and everyone is supported to a high standard. The volunteers are such an inspiring group of people who share their time, energy and experience to help others, so it is vital that they are getting the most from their role and have the information, training and support they need to enjoy it as much as possible.”

Natalie O’Connell, Andrea Arnold and Fred Cleary are volunteers who support the Macmillan information point in the South Western Acute Hospital in Enniskillen. They all describe below the positive experience they have volunteering;

Natalie said, “I really get a lot out of being a Macmillan volunteer. I enjoy being available to provide a listening ear and offer information that may help people affected by cancer. The sense of making a small difference to someone in need is what drives me to continue to be a volunteer.”

Andrea said, “I really enjoy meeting people and helping them in a positive way with difficult situations and I get a great sense of achievement from contributing to my local community. I enjoy meeting other volunteers and have experienced great teamwork with my other volunteering colleagues.”

Fred added, “As a volunteer I get a great feeling of worth that in a small way I am being of assistance to those who need it. Given my experience as a Macmillan volunteer I would say to anyone considering volunteering to go ahead as you will find it very rewarding and also very humbling.”

If you would like to become a volunteer to support the Macmillan Information Service throughout the Western Heath and Social Care Trust, you can find out more information by contacting Martha Magee on 028 7161 1139 or email: