Diabetes Specialist Dietitians receive national recognition


Diabetes Specialist Dietitians receive national recognitionSiobhan Monaghan, Diabetes Specialist Dietitian based at the South West Acute Hospital recently attended the 2019 UK Advancing healthcare awards for Allied Health Professionals, in London.  There she also represented her dietetic colleagues in Altnagelvin Hospital, Michelle Byrne and Nicki Perry all of whom have been involved in a project which looked at the role of the Dietitian in multi-professional, risk stratified (personal) care for women with gestational diabetes (GDM) in joint antenatal-diabetes clinics. Their project was successful in winning the award for Maximising resources for success, sponsored by the Department of Health (DoH) Northern Ireland.

Siobhan explains: “Women with diabetes in pregnancy have a higher risk of maternal and foetal adverse outcomes compared to the general population. In response to the significant increase in demand on the Gestational diabetes (GDM) services, driven also by  growing numbers diagnosed, a new model of care was developed on risk stratification of service and embedded ongoing joint review with Diabetes Specialist Dietitian (DSD) and Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) for low risk pregnancies in a two centre model at Altnagelvin Hospital and South West Acute Hospital embedding dietitians at the core of the service where diet remains the first line therapy, followed by addition of oral medication, then insulin if necessary.”

Speaking about receiving the national award Siobhan said: "I am delighted and honoured to accept this award firstly on behalf of the AHP/Dietetic team as it demonstrates the importance of timely and appropriately dietary intervention in contributing to positive outcomes both for mum and baby. It is also an award for the entire Western Trust multidisciplinary team, working jointly with the Diabetes Specialist Nurses in the South West Acute hospital, with access to a Consultant Diabetologist, has facilitated continuous learning to the benefit of both health professionals and service users. Cohesive working and patient involvement in service planning and development has contributed to positive improvement and healthy outcomes for our service users who have been the drivers for change and it is wonderful that they are benefitting from this service.”

Nicki Perry and Michelle Byrne, Western Trust Diabetes Specialist Dietitians based at Altnagelvin Hospital said: “We are honoured to receive this award on behalf of the Western Trust’s Diabetes Specialist Dietitians. This award represents the hard work and dedication not only of the Diabetes Dietitians but of the whole antenatal diabetes Multi-disciplinary Team. We are very fortunate to be part of an innovative and forward thinking group of people who all strive to improve the services for patients with Gestational Diabetes.”