Collegiate graduates return as Consultants at South West Acute Hospital


Collegiate graduates return as Consultants at South West Acute HospitalThe Western Trust has been embarking on a new-look Marketing campaign with the launch of #WTHeroes and has already delivered a number of initiatives to build the profile of choosing a career pathway in Health and Social Care.

It has therefore been another major boost for the Trust in Fermanagh and West Tyrone to see the appointment of three new female consultants, who have made the decision to return to Enniskillen and take up important roles there.

Dr Lynn Cromie, Dr Alison Little and Dr Joanna Johnston all attended Enniskillen Collegiate Grammar School and having attended University and travelled to various parts of the World, all have now returned to the area to take up vital Consultant roles in South West Acute Hospital.

Dr Lynn Cromie, has taken up a role as Consultant in Emergency Medicine and says “The South West Acute Hospital is one of the friendliest hospitals I have worked in. You begin to get to know most of the hospital staff which is a very endearing quality. The physical building is one of the best hospital sites and the fact the canteen overlooks a lake is incredible.”

Dr Alison Little, who is also a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, has been delighted to take on a new role back in Enniskillen. “I thoroughly enjoy working here. I feel very lucky to work in such a friendly department where there is a real sense of teamwork. The staff work incredibly hard but always manage to keep smiling. Fermanagh has a lot more to offer than I remember from growing up here. There are so many beautiful walks and good climbing areas, all you need is a good waterproof jacket!”

Dr Joanna Johnston is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and witnessed first-hand some of the staffing issues in the department, which transpired in June 2018 and which had an integral link to the launch of the Pathfinder for Fermanagh and West Tyrone project. “In Obstetrics and Gynaecology, we are dealing a high risk/high stakes specialty that is stressful even on a good day!  However, nationally there is a staffing crisis, and the effects of this are felt in every unit in the UK. The South West Acute Hospital is no different. Last year, the hospital hit the local headlines for just that reason but collectively we worked alongside the Department of Health, Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Association and other HSC Trusts across the province to enhance our staffing. We’ve come a long way and will continue to fight to provide the best service possible.”
Dr Johnston is also excited about a new emerging area in her field. “Ambulatory gynae is an exciting emerging area for the South West Acute Hospital and I envisage that over the coming months can be expanded, whereby offering women more choice, more outpatient procedures and less need for the formal operating theatre.”

In an era where it has become increasingly difficult to fill posts in Health and Social Care in Fermanagh and West Tyrone, this has evidently come as a major boost to the Western Trust. Indeed it comes at a very opportune time as the Trust is driving forward on a very proactive course of engagement and promotion around Health and Social Care careers in the area, with a new-look marketing campaign entitled ‘Western Trust Heroes’ and the significant publicity of the Mini-Medical School last week, which was featured on TV, printed and digital media.

The #WTHeroes campaign will promote what the Western Trust does and profile the many wonderful staff who do that so well. The Trust places all service users and clients at the very heart of what they do and are highlighting how they are there with you on life’s journey, from your very first breath to your last. This initiative is therefore an exciting new digital campaign to highlight the many Heroes within the Western Trust.

Much of the feedback received from almost 2,500 voices heard throughout the comprehensive Pathfinder Engagement programme, was aimed at promoting Health and Social Care careers and the immense value associated with choosing this pathway in the West. Having heard those many voices, the Western Trust will now build this campaign significantly in the months and year ahead, with a very pro-active launch of ‘Future Heroes of the Western Trust’ aimed at Primary and Post Primary Schools from September 2019.

You can follow the campaign and view the #WTHeroes video here.