Diabetes Team ‘Strike’ at Johnny Rockos!


Diabetes Team ‘Strike’ at Johnny Rockos!The Western Trust Paediatric Diabetes Team based at the South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen held an exciting educational event recently at Johnny Rockos in Irvinestown for those patients with Type 1 diabetes moving from P7 to Secondary School.

Kyrene Moynihan, Paediatric Dietitian said: “Children transitioning this September along with their siblings and parents attended an engaging half day of education and fun involving quizzes on how to manage their diabetes in this new environment with differing school routines, considering effects of PE and afterschool activities etc. Discussion followed on how to manage their diabetes safely in unusual scenarios, which the children could find themselves in. Children and parents were presented with ideas for school snacking and packed lunch, along with how to choose wisely from the array of different food choices available at lunchtime.

“Everyone then enjoyed an interactive game of bowling, with Dr Lipscomb being crowned the winner!”

Kyrene added: “Feedback from children and parents was extremely positive, including;

  • ‘great opportunity to talk about what can happen and how to best prepare, many thanks’
  • ‘a very helpful, fun and informative day. Thank you to all the team’
  • ‘it was lovely to attend an event like this and chat other parents and kids with type 1 diabetes’

The Diabetes Team will soon be planning for their annual Christmas education event and hoping that Father Christmas will appear again this year!