A new pathway of care into Drumclay Care Facility begins


A new pathway of care into Drumclay Care Facility beginsThe Western Trust have officially re-opened Drumclay Care Facility this week providing a new care model for older people, designed to provide a high quality care experience during transition from hospital to community care.
Director of Primary Care and Older People and Executive Director of Nursing, Dr Bob Brown, has been leading a Care Home Contingency and Future Services Development Group, which is developing a new strategy for Older People’s Care for Fermanagh and West Tyrone.
“This new journey by the Trust is something which was highlighted consistently throughout the comprehensive engagement programme with our staff and the community through the Pathfinder project. While it has taken time, our focus has been on ensuring that we will be implementing a high quality model of service for local people.”
“By developing an innovative approach which delivers greater synergy between our acute and community settings, we hope to enhance service user’s recovery and further embrace our vision of this being a great place to live, work, and grow older. This Transitional Care Facility will provide a new ethos of care, a new pathway where older people who may previously have had to stay too long in hospital will be able to transition into a community facility.”
Denise Foster, Head of Care and Accommodation, Primary Care and Older Peoples Services for the Western Trust, has highlighted that all the newly appointed team are very excited to begin an innovative development in the delivery of care for older people in the area.
“We are very excited to now be officially re-opening the doors of Drumclay, having received our RQIA certification. Having listened intently throughout the Pathfinder Engagement events to the many views on how we can improve services, and in particular how we can deliver care better for our older people, we will now be providing a new pathway to support older people from hospital back into their homes and into the Community.”
Dennis Ryan has been leading on the Pathway Design, will be the Lead Nurse for the new Transitional Care Unit and believes this new model can make a very real difference in the care of older people coming through the service.
“This new model of care came about from listening to service users and our staff and we believe that getting back into the Community as quickly as possibly is what matters to you and it is essential that we deliver that in a practical and safe manner. The model was drawn upon utilising the expertise of doctors, physiotherapists, OTs, dieticians, nurses, service users and stakeholders throughout the community. The focus will be on planning safe, as well as earlier discharge, from hospital and reducing the amount of care or support required on discharge and in the future. This will be achieved through a rehabilitative, nursing led service in a more homely setting that allows more holistic assessment and interventions through effective multi-disciplinary teamwork.”
Noel Baxter, an appointed independent Expert by Experience with the Pathfinder project, has been involved in the development of this new transitional care pathway at Drumclay.
“Having been a carer for my daughter over the past 31 years, I applied for and was appointed as an Expert by Experience for the Pathfinder project. I have an interest in Drumclay Care Facility as my daughter stayed in the home in the past and we live locally. I am delighted to see Drumclay re-opened for business by the Trust and the changes which have been made are tremendous. Staff have been appointed who are passionate about what is being planned here and I think it is an excellent example of what Pathfinder was set up to do, to look at how we can change and improve how we deliver health care in the area. I think that Drumclay transitional care facility can provide an excellent example of how things can be done better.”
The transitional care unit will initially provide 14 beds, which aim to be therapy enriched, encouraging service users to recreate a routine like their own at home. The service users, their families and the wider community will be motivated to engage in the rehabilitation and community building ethos of the unit.
The Drumclay Transitional Care Unit team aims to;

  • Enhance service users’ independence and day living skills, by building their confidence and avoiding the loss of ability, social connection associated with prolonged hospital stays.
  • Enable comprehensive multi-disciplinary, accurate assessments of their health and social care needs in a homely environment.
  • Focus on helping service users to return home if possible, for as long as possible.
  • Enable decisions regarding long term support to be made outside of acute settings and encourage service users to have access to services, community agencies and voluntary organisations in their communities.