'Speak Up' For Patient Safety


'Speak Up' For Patient Safety

The World Health Organization (WHO) will host the first World Patient Safety Day on Tuesday 17 September, This gives us an excellent opportunity to share news and resources on patient safety, safety culture and patient engagement. The Western Trust will use it's social media and digital platforms throughout the day to promote the 6 key themes below: falls prevention, sepsis awareness, think insulin safety, stop PJ paralysis, medication safety and VTE.


Falls Prevention

  Falls are preventable booklet; Falls Checklist; Falls Poster


Sepsis Poster; Sepsis Leaflet; Sepsis Trigger Points

Insulin Safety

Video: Safe use of insulin in the community (Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme

PJ Paralysis

Sonia Sparkles Graphic

Medication Safety

The Five Moments of Medication Safety; Medication Without Harm - World Health Organisation Website

VTE                                           VTE Leaflet; Video 'Ask about clots'