Western Trust preparing for engaging Pathfinder initiative

The Western Trust announced in July 2018 that it would be embarking on a Pathfinder initiative looking at Health and Social Care across Fermanagh and West Tyrone.

In delivering a series of briefings to staff, public representatives and groups at the South West Acute Hospital on Friday 27 July, Western Trust Chief Executive, Dr Anne Kilgallen, said “We see Pathfinder as creating a whole new conversation about Health and Social Care in Fermanagh and West Tyrone. It means taking a detailed honest look at what we’re doing and whether we can do it better.”

Western Trust Deputy Chief Executive, Kieran Downey, was also announced as the appointed lead figure for the Pathfinder initiative at the briefings. The first stage in the process centred around a series of engaging discussions with staff in South West Acute Hospital and Omagh Hospital & Primary Care Complex on Friday 17 August.

Kieran has now introduced the Pathfinder initiative to various stakeholders ahead of what will be an intensive period of face-to-face engagement with all the community beginning in November. This included a presentation to members of the PPI forum and also to a large audience at the Fermanagh Rural Community Network AGM.

“We announced Pathfinder in July and August and have been preparing since then for what will be a very intensive period of engagement with all stakeholders across Fermanagh and West Tyrone. This engagement is the foundation stone of the whole initiative. It will involve patients, staff, community & voluntary groups, carers, action groups, public representatives and other stakeholders. With the PHA, we will then undertake a population health needs analysis to further inform our thinking” said the Western Trust Deputy Chief Executive.

“I would urge everyone to get involved with the Pathfinder discussions, to give this process a chance. We’re asking what needs to happen to ensure current and future needs of the community are properly met.

As the name suggests, Pathfinder is about finding the best route forward”, concluded Kieran.

A new online hub for the Pathfinder initiative is currently being developed and will be launched soon and further information and details of the Community engagement programme will be found here. Full details of the community engagment programme of events will be listed here with information on the initial engagement events available here in early November with that intensive engagement period commencing from Wednesday 14th November.

You can view the latest Video message from Deputy Chief Executive, Kieran Downey, on the Pathfinder initiative below.

This link will be the official online hub for Pathfinder information and resources and full details will be available here from November 2018:

If your Group, in the Fermanagh and West Tyrone Region, would like to arrange an Engagement Session as part of the complete Pathfinder Engagement Programme then please email Chris Curran, Communications Manager, in the first instance to