Transforming Your Care

tycTransforming Your Care: A Review of Health and Social Care’ was published by the Heath Minister on 13 December 2011. This report outlines proposals for the future health and social care services in Northern Ireland. The review has placed a major emphasis on how health and social care services will be shaped in the West in the coming years and describes the key changes that will be required to achieve this vision.


A key recommendation to achieve this was the development of a local population plan by each Health and Social Care Economy which is made up of representatives from the Trust and Local Commissioning Group (LCG). Our local population plan explains how the growing needs and expectations will be addressed set against the current financial context, while ensuring that quality is improved.


In line with the ethos of ‘Transforming Your Care’ our plan focuses on putting the patient at the centre of care and moving towards a ‘shift left’. This ‘shift left’ enables the health service to provide more services, that are currently provided in the hospital environment, in the community or primary care environment. This provides a real opportunity to meet the demands  of the highly dispersed rural population and bring care closer to the home.

The Western Trust with our respective colleagues in the Western Local Commissioning Group (LCG) submitted a population plan to the Minister for Health: Please click here to download the Western Locality Draft Population plan.

The key aspects of the draft plans are outlined in the consultation document "Transforming Your Care: Vision to Action", together with some questions we are particularly seeking views on. This public consultation will end on 15 January 2013.

 Supporting Information

Transforming Your Care - Consultation Information Leaflet (PDF / 1.76 MB) 
Published in November 2012

Transforming Your Care Report (PDF / 4985 KB)
Review of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, Published in December 2011

Transforming Your Care- draft strategic implementation plan (PDF / 3MB)

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