Neighbourhood Renewal Projects

The Neighbourhood Renewal Projects are examples of partnership working, which use a community development approach and involve communities in the decisions and actions that affect their health. Research has indicated that people who live in deprived areas such as Neighbourhood Renewal Areas (NRAs) are at a much higher risk of suffering from ill health and have much lower life expectancy than the population as a whole. The Health Improvement Department is committed to supporting these communities and leads on a number of health and wellbeing projects.

Enniskillen Health Project
The Enniskillen Health Project continues to build on existing programmes, such as Devenish’s Investing in your Health project, Aisling Centre’s counselling service and Solace’s initiative for those living with addictions. It also delivers new services based on identified needs such as, the Hidden Harm Initiative proposed by Solace, and Nexus’s specialised counselling for survivors of sexual violence.

Omagh Health Project
The Omagh Health Project builds on existing programmes such as the community drugs and alcohol initiative provided by Breakthru, LAST Surestart’s Healthy Start programme and health and wellbeing programmes delivered by NRAs. Alison Crawford, Health Co-ordinator supports the delivery and evaluation of health and wellbeing programmes across Omagh NRAs.

Supporting Women Alcoholics Project (SWAP), Omagh
SWAP assists females living in Omagh neighbourhood renewal areas who are suffering from acute alcohol abuse. A Specialist Support Worker outreaches to the females who have already been identified by representatives from the WHSCT Addiction services in consultation with PSNI, NIHE, Probation Services, General Practitioners and Social Services.

Neighbourhood Health Improvement Project Phase II
The aim of the Neighbourhood Health Improvement Project is to develop a process and deliver programmes and initiatives to enable residents living in six NRAs in the geography covered by the Department of Social Development (DSD) North West Development Office to improve their health and wellbeing. The project aims to add value to existing work by developing a new way of addressing health improvement in NRAs through a collaborative and integrated approach.

Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum facilitates the delivery of integrated health improvement programmes across the northwest area addressing local need and maximising the opportunities for sub-regional promotions. They lead on the provision of capacity building for the communities to support planning, delivery and evaluation of initiatives around the priority areas.

Health Development Staff work across the neighbourhood renewal areas with the role of engaging with the community to develop and enhance services. Health Development Staff are assigned to the relevant health forums and have a role in direct delivery of targeted health improvement initiatives such as underage drinking, alcohol/drug awareness, suicide awareness/prevention workshops based on available evidence and in response to the needs identified within each of the communities. They support local initiatives and ensure expertise is nurtured and maintained in the community to ensure there is a common message being delivered and equal access to information, support and services.
For further information on any of these projects please contact:

Michelle Friel, Business Officer
Alison Crawford, Health Co-ordinator for Omagh Neighbourhood Renewal Areas