Health Improvement Strategic Drivers

The Health Improvement Department's key projects have been developed to implement various different strategies, groups and policies. These include:
Accident prevention: 
  • NI Home Accident Prevention Strategy & Action Plan 2004-2009 (November 2004)
  • Investing for Health (March 20020) - Chapter 12: Accidental Deaths & Injuries
  • NI Road Safety Strategy 2002-2012
  • WHSSB Accident Prevention Strategy (May 2001)
  • Local Home Accident Prevention (HAP) Group Action Plans
Chronic Disease Management and Cancer Prevention: 
  • Making Chronic Conditions Count (IPH, 2010)
  • Fair Society Healthy Lives  - The Marmot Review (2010)
  • Guidelines on the Management of Chronic Heart Failure in Northern Ireland (CREST, 2005)
  • Fit Futures Strategy (2007)
  • A Strategy for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers in Northern Ireland (1997)
  • Regional Cancer Framework:  A Cancer Control Programme for Northern Ireland (1996)
Community Food and Nutrition: 
  • DHSSPS Investing for Health
  • DHSSPS Fit Futures
  • DHSSPS Priorities for Action
  • Western Trust Feeding policy for the first five years
  • Western Trust Food and Nutrition Policy
  • A Fitter Future for All – Northern Irelands Obesity Prevention Strategic Framework 2011-2021  
Drugs and Alcohol: 
  •  New Strategic Direction for Drugs and Alcohol 2006-2011 The New Strategic Direction on Drugs and Alcohol (2006-2011) is a five year plan for Northern Ireland that aims to reduce the level of alcohol and drug related harm
  • Hidden Harm action plan The Hidden Harm strategy was launched in 2008 to address the problem of children and young people living with parents or carers who misuse alcohol and drugs.
  • Priorities for Action Targets including:
    • Reduce the proportion of adults who binge drink by 5% (to 36%)
    • Reduce the proportion of young people who drink/get drunk by 10% (to 50%)
    • Reduce the proportion of young people taking illicit drugs by 5% (to 5.8%)
    • Reduce the number of children at risk from parental alcohol and/or drug dependency.
Health Promoting Service: 
  • Regional Investing for Health Strategy (DHSSPS, 2002)
  • Northern Ireland Workplace Health Strategy (DHSSPS, 2003)
  • Promoting Mental Health Strategy And Action Plan 2003-2008
  • Regional Sexual Health Strategy and Action Plan
  • Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • ‘Protect Life’ A Shared Vision The Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan 2006-2011
  • NICE Guidelines – Obesity (2006)
  • Food and Nutrition Strategy (1996)
  • Healthy Mouth Healthy Body – NI Oral Health Strategy (2007)
  • Delivering Better Oral Health (2007)
  • The State of Our Health (WHSSB, 2006)
  • Priorities for Action (2006)
  • A Healthier Future (2005-2025)
Mental Health and Wellbeing: 
  • Mental Health Promotion Strategy
  • Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Hidden Harm Strategy
  • Sexual Health Promotion Strategy
  • Physical Health Promotion Strategy
  • Building the Way Forward in Primary Care’ DHSSPS
  • Primary Care & Older People Strategic Plan 2008-2011
  • A Healthier Future :  A twenty year vision for health and wellbeing in Northern Ireland (2005-2025)
Neighbourhood Health Improvement Project (NHIP): 
  • People and Places Together tackling disadvantage, building communities: a Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal
Sexual Health: 
  • Sexual Health Promotion Strategy & Action Plan 2008-2013
Smoking Cessation: 
  • DHSSPS Five Year Tobacco Action Plan (2003 – 2008)
  • Western Tobacco Control Group Action Plan
  • PFA Target – By March 2011, reduce to 21% and 25% respectively the proportion of adults and manual worker subset who smoke
Suicide Prevention: 
  • ‘Protect Life’ A Shared Vision, the Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan 2006-2011
  •  The Bamford Review into Mental Health and Learning Disability in Northern Ireland (2005)