Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a tragic death which affects many people and communities.


“Life is the most precious of gifts. We all share a responsibility for ensuring that it is valued and protected. At times, circumstances may lead some people to end their own life. Whilst no strategy can be expected completely to remove such tragic thoughts and feelings, there is much that can be done to ensure that we reduce the likelihood of suicide and to ensure support is available for those at their most vulnerable.” (Paul Goggins, Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, 2006). 


The Health Improvement Department supports a number of suicide prevention initiatives in the Western area. For more information on training view our Health Improvement Training Brochure.


For more information about Suicide Prevention initiatives in the Western Trust area, please contact the Health Improvement Department


If you or someone you know are in crisis or despair, Lifeline counsellors are available 24/7 via the helpline to provide you with instant support. Contact Lifeline on 0808 808 800.