Psychology Services

Most people will have some idea about what a psychologist does. However this is likely to have come through the media and particularly television dramas, such as The Mentalist, CSI, and Cracker.  In more recent times reality television has benefitted from the insights of psychologists, most notably Big Brother.


Based on this, what would be considered an “unrepresentative sample” of psychologists, some might wonder what does a psychologist add to the health service. There are a number of psychologists of different types and career levels throughout the Western Trust providing front line services to a range of client groups.


Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind and behaviour. This is quite a broad remit, considering it generally applies to all aspects of human life, from learning and education, to crime, sport, work practices, to physical and mental health.


Most Psychologists in the Western Trust are either Clinical or Counselling Psychologists. These psychologists focus their studies on the areas of mental and emotional disorders and talking therapies. This applies to the broad areas of personal distress and difficulties people have with their feelings or behaviour.


Psychologists deal with conditions such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia in a general mental health setting but also assist in the planning of and treatment of people with learning disabilities, brain injuries, psychosexual problems, older people conditions such as dementia and emotional problems, with children and adolescents both within their families and in the care systems.


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