Looked After Children Service

The Western Trust Looked After Teams are responsible for the promotion of the welfare of children. 
They aim to:-
  • Building trusting relationships with all looked after children;
  • Ensure that the standard of care they receive is of the highest quality;
  • Visit children in line with statutory requirements and record these visits;
  • Ensure children’s views are know and responded to appropriately;
  • Prepare care plans based on assessed needs and participate in statutory reviews;
  • Work closely with parents/family members and facilitate rehabilitation when this is consistent with care planning;
  • Work with other agencies to address the child’s assessed needs such as education, health and leisure;
  • Plan and facilitate contact arrangements  with family and significant persons in the child’s life;
  • Undertake life story work to ensure sense of identity;
  • Promote skills, hobbies and interests in preparation for adulthood.