16+ Pathway Teams

16+ Teams promote an accessible, individual and creative approach to enable young people aged 16 years and over who have been in care of the Trust to move towards adulthood.  In particular the service aims to:-

  • Offer an early intervention services that brings focus to preparing young people appropriately, adequately , and gradually during their care careers;
  • Redress the lack of adequate preparation afforded to young people as evidence in research;
  • Ensure that young people who leave care have had “in-care opportunities to develop life, social and interpersonal skills and knowledge that will better prepare them for adult life.;
  • Provide additional complementary support to primary carer, thereby strengthening and harnessing collaborative efforts with them and other relevant agencies to improve outcomes for young people leaving care;
  • Promote the concept of through care planning as a seamless process which seeks to prepare young people for adulthood from early adolescence.
  • Consult young people and care leavers and incorporate their views and experiences to the service planning process.



The Tenancy Support service is for young people who need support to find and manage their
own accommodation and enable them to live as independently as possible.

The 16+ pathway team also has links to the Employability Service. This is aimed specifically at young people aged 16-21 who are supported by their local Health and Social Care Trust. The services helps young people reach their potential as they prepare to enter the world of work.

The service aims to improve young people’s participation in education, employment and training in the western area by working with local employers. Find out more about the Employability Service

Western Trust employability latest news: